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A B C's of Embroidery Kit

A B C's of Embroidery Kit

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The Palestinian Embroidery for Kids is a way of transferring cultural heritage to the younger generations by introducing kids to embroidery.

Simple steps by Tata Huda, and her two grandchildren: Yasmeen and Faris, in a simplified and exciting manner.

Additionally, this kit will allow kids to practice embroidery in a manner that will improve their levels of concentration and focus, while also teaching them to be patient and dedicated.

This kit will also improve your kids’ eye-hand coordination, while giving them the chance to express their ideas creatively, away from the screens and the platforms of social media, in a manner that will increase their confidence in themselves and their artistic and manual abilities.

This experience will cultivate a beautiful bonding experience with your kids, with quality time well spent, as you both explore the worlds of Palestinian Embroidery.

Kit Includes:

  • Embroidery steps explained by Tata Huda, Yasmeen and Faris
  • A Wooden embroidery hoop with fabric and embroidery patterns from our Palestinian heritage
  • 9 Wooden cross stitch blanks in the following shapes:
  • 3 Key chains: Cypress tree (Saru) and the map of Jordan and Palestine
  • 2 Necklaces: Star and butterfly
  • Traditional Palestinian dress (Thob), grape leaf, olive tree branch and heart
  • 9 Different colors of thread
  • 2 Needles 
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