Back in the Saddle Again

The Adventures of a Young(ish) Actor Making his Way Back to The Stage

Episode 1: “Finding the Balance.”

Once upon a time, there was an awkward middle schooler with a crush. The middle schooler was me, and the crush was a girl in the school’s journalism club, whom we shall call “Natalie.” Continue reading


Come. Open. Space. Listen. The Performance. The Bow.

The World’s Best User’s Guide for the Theatre Virgin

Live theatre. Going to a show. A night at the opera. Whatever we call going to theatre, we will all, without doubt, spend at least a night watching a live performance. The question that follows the decision to go: How do I act? It really is easier than you think…

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Adventures in Tech Land

Balancing Act: Smaller Companies and Technical Growth

Every seven years or so Saint Louis goes through a creative theater resurgence.  New companies emerge, old companies grow, and some fade away.  With every new surge come new opportunities for theatre professionals.  For the actor, the pool of productions and roles increase giving more changes to be cast in a show; but what about the tech side?  What opportunities are allotted for technical professionals? Continue reading