In April 2016, FUSE Productions presented a panel discussion, “Are We In A New Golden Age of Musical Theatre?” featuring authors Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Peter Filichia, and Scott Miller, hosted by Richard Biever. The discussion was recorded April 8th, 2016, at the Penn State Downtown Theatre, in Stage College, PA. Continue reading


St. Louis Already Had its First Taste of Immersive Theatre

What is immersive theatre? Jonathan Mandell of HowlRound writes, “Immersive theatre creates a physical environment that differs from a traditional theatre where audiences sit in seats and watch a show unfurl on a proscenium stage with a curtain.” The Space, a performing arts and community center in East London, contends that immersive theatre requires the audience to play a role. Whether immersive theatre requires an audience to move with the action is a matter of contention. Two productions I’ve attended in the past year did not require the audience to move. I contend they were immersive pieces. More on those later. Continue reading

Relevance onstage. Conversation offstage.

There is a question I’ve been asking myself. It comes up more and more as I continue my adventures in theatre. The more I work on shows that are socially relevant and newer (something that generally, not always, goes hand-in-hand), I wonder: Why are there so few shows being performed that speak to the issues of today? Why do we as audiences and theatre-makers alike continue to revere the elder works? Please do not take any of this to mean I dislike more traditional and older shows; to this day, Gypsy remains my all-time favorite musical and I’m working on a concept for Romeo and Juliet. Continue reading

Christina Rios, Artistic Director of R-S Theatrics

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CHRISTINA RIOS has had the good fortune to work locally with The Black Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Opera Theatre of St. Louis, Insight Theatre, Stray Dog Theatre, The Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis, The Black Cat Theatre, and New Line Theatre. She is also a classically-trained soprano and is honored to have studied under the likes of Ms. Angela Horn, Dr. Mark Madsen, and Ms. Kathy Lawton-Brown.

Above all, Ms. Rios is the Artistic Director of R-S Theatrics, the mother of 4 amazing children, the wife of a wonderful man, and a true believer that art can change the world.