Not Only Professionals Anymore!

Back in March, I wrote Why only professionals? in response to a number of questions as to why we were only featuring companies on who paid everyone. Continue reading


St. Louis Already Had its First Taste of Immersive Theatre

What is immersive theatre? Jonathan Mandell of HowlRound writes, “Immersive theatre creates a physical environment that differs from a traditional theatre where audiences sit in seats and watch a show unfurl on a proscenium stage with a curtain.” The Space, a performing arts and community center in East London, contends that immersive theatre requires the audience to play a role. Whether immersive theatre requires an audience to move with the action is a matter of contention. Two productions I’ve attended in the past year did not require the audience to move. I contend they were immersive pieces. More on those later. Continue reading

Relevance onstage. Conversation offstage.

There is a question I’ve been asking myself. It comes up more and more as I continue my adventures in theatre. The more I work on shows that are socially relevant and newer (something that generally, not always, goes hand-in-hand), I wonder: Why are there so few shows being performed that speak to the issues of today? Why do we as audiences and theatre-makers alike continue to revere the elder works? Please do not take any of this to mean I dislike more traditional and older shows; to this day, Gypsy remains my all-time favorite musical and I’m working on a concept for Romeo and Juliet. Continue reading

Come. Open. Space. Listen. The Performance. The Bow.

The World’s Best User’s Guide for the Theatre Virgin

Live theatre. Going to a show. A night at the opera. Whatever we call going to theatre, we will all, without doubt, spend at least a night watching a live performance. The question that follows the decision to go: How do I act? It really is easier than you think…

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The Ghost/Light Project

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Arts For Life Theatre Mask Awards, a ceremony recognizing the achievements of plays in the community theatres around St. Louis. Many talented people and groups were recognized, love for the art and communal experience that is theatre abounded. It was a wonderful evening with fine people, fine drinks, and fine food. Continue reading