Five Question (Couple) Friday!!

Most adorable couple picture EVER- let’s hear from Drew and Dena!!



Drew Humphrey and Dena DiGiacinto are a married couple that live in New York City and perform in St. Louis as often as they possibly can.  They have performed at the Fabulous Fox, coming through with National Tours (A CHORUS LINE and IRVING BERLIN’S WHITE CHRISTMAS).  They have performed in productions at STAGES ST. LOUIS(Joseph… and Nine to Five in the 2017 Season).  Most recently they were in VARIETY CHILDREN’S THEATRE production of The Wizard of Oz.  Drew has also spent many a summer sweating it out at THE MUNY.  Drew and Dena both have put in over a decade each into this business but have only had the opportunity of performing together in the last year.

Q:  What was your first experience in theatre?

Drew:  I was three years old.  It was an outdoor 4th of July pageant.  I played to thousands, if not HUNDREDS, of patriotic citizens waiting to see the fireworks display later that evening.  I was dressed as Davy Crockett, shirtless and wearing a furry vest and a coonskin cap.  It was a duet, with a seven year old girl and my only responsibility was to stand there, chest high and proud.  She sang the BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT and I didn’t say a word, didn’t do a dance step, I literally did nothing.  I was hooked.

Dena:  Unlike Drew’s lofty beginnings I didn’t do any theatre until I was fourteen.  Even though I started dancing when I was three years old, I didn’t perform in a musical until I was cast in my high school’s production of THE KING AND I.  That was it.  I loved it!  From then on, I wanted to do as much theatre as I possibly could.

Q: What is the best piece of career advice anyone has ever given you?

Drew:  Take a ballet class.  I was a young performer and was just starting to study dance, and I was mainly focusing on tap and jazz.  An older colleague very bluntly explained, whether I like ballet or not, I gotta take it.  I hated it, I was never very good, but I believe it really helped my dancing.

Dena:  Never stop training, always take classes and lessons.  Harry Woolever, who is the head of the dance department at my theatre school told me that a long time ago, and he was so right.

Q:  Tell us about a backstage mishap you lived through?

Drew:  I was doing a production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas in San Francisco and the big production number at the top of Act II involve a men’s tap dance feature on an elevated lift. The elevator goes up, we dance, the elevator comes down, we jump off onto the stage and dance more.  Big impact, except when the automation short circuits and the elevator doesn’t come back down.  There were eight of us stranded on the lift about ten feet in the air and the dance was about to move on to a section that we could not do without getting off.  We all just stayed put and luckily they got the lift down just in time for us to leap wildly into the next section.  I’m pretty sure the audience had no idea that anything went awry.

Dena:  You know the big headshot moment at the end of the opening number of A CHORUS LINE?  This one night during the run of the revival in New York, we were just about to get to that moment where the headshots go up in front of our faces when all of a sudden, my headshot slipped out of my hand.  I could not retrieve it in time.  I’ll leave that there.

Q:  What is your dream role/ show?

Drew:  Don Lockwood  in SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN

Dena:  Eva Peron in Evita

Q:  What is your current guilty TV pleasure?

Drew:  Gilmore Girls.  I find it so comforting to escape to the manageable problems of Stars Hollow.

Dena:  This Is Us!



Grace Austin is an STL area director and educator.

See her work at


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