Five Question Friday

This amazing woman has been one of my dream interviews for a while…and here she is!!


Kay has performed in well over 100 shows, including several seasons at The Muny.  She sang with the St. Louis Symphony Chorus for 15 years and sings with The Jeweltones and Caroling St. Louis.  Upcoming performances include “A Song For Christmas” Dec 1-3 with Family Musical Theatre, and “A Cowboy Christmas” Dec 16 with the Hawthorne Players.


Q: What was your first experience in theatre?

K – The first one I recall was in 7th grade – I was the understudy to Peppermint Patty in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”.  The 8th graders did the actual show, and the 7th graders were the understudies and did the show at the elementary schools in our district.  My mom says I narrated a play in Kindergarten, but I don’t remember that.  😊


Q: What is the best piece of career advice anyone has ever given you?

K – Try not to compare yourself to others.  It’s difficult, but each person has a unique set of talents and skills and there is a place for everyone who wants to be involved.


Q: Tell us about a backstage or onstage mishap you lived through.

K – I’ve had several wardrobe malfunctions but one I can laugh about now is from a production of “The Scarlet Pimpernel”.  My dress was too long, so it was hemmed with tape.  The fabric was heavy and the hem rolled down.  The tape stuck to the backs of my shoes and I couldn’t walk.  So I shuffled my feet for an entire song (and minuet dance) until I could get offstage.  There have been many others, including a wig that came off and a dress getting stuck on a nail which I tried to get unstuck while singing Sondheim….


Q: What is your dream role/show?

K – I’ve been so lucky to play so many wonderful roles.  I’d love to play Donna in “Mamma Mia”, and Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard”, among others.


Q: What is your current guilty TV pleasure?

K – I still follow The Young and the Restless.  When I was a kid, our babysitter watched all of the CBS soaps – you couldn’t bother her during her stories – so I’ve watched Y&R since the beginning.

Thank you so much Kay- you’re the best!!



Grace Austin is an STL area director and educator currently directing Little Shop of Horrors and I Love New York at East Central College.

See her work at


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