The Midnight Company will be presenting four plays, including one St. Louis premiere and three original works, at various venues and under various banners in the spring/summer months ahead.

On Thursday, APRIL 6, Midnight will be part of the St. Louis Fringe Five-Fifths event, as five different St. Louis theatre companies present work based on the Brothers Grimm.  Midnight’s offering will be (T)RUMPLESTILTSKIN, adapted by Joe Hanrahan, with a cast that includes Donna Weinsting as The Orange King, Mary Ann Mohr as an ambitious Citizen, Rachel Bailey as her upwardly mobile Daughter, and Joe Hanrahan as Rumplestiltskin.  Sarah Whitney will direct.   More information is available at StLouisFringe.Com

In JUNE, Midnight will present TITLE AND DEED by Will Eno (author of THOMPAIN and WAKEY WAKEY), a St.  Louis premiere of a rarely seen work.  Joe Hanrahan (nominated as Best Actor/Comedy for his performance in last year’s production of THOMPAIN by the St. Louis Theatre Critics Circle) will perform the one-man show, and Sarah Whitney will direct.  TITLE AND DEED is about an immigrant who comes to our shores.  He’s the newest nobody in the funniest century yet.  And he’s here to save us all.  The New York Times described TITLE AND DEED as a “haunting, fiercely funny meditation on life as a state of permanent exile.”  Final dates and space for the show will be announced shortly.

On Friday night, JUNE 30 and Saturday, JULY 1, Midnight will be part of the Theatre Crawl – 30 plus St. Louis performing arts companies performing short works, allowing attendees to see as many as six different presentations either/or both days.   Midnight will present a new short play by Joe Hanrahan, TONIGHT’S SPECIAL, directed by Sarah Whitney.  Emily Leidenfrost portrays an eager, new waitress/actress, while Joe Hanrahan is a jaded, veteran waiter attempting to explain what’s off the menu in the restaurant business.  More information is available at StLPublicRadio,Org/TheatreCrawl/index.php.

And The St. Louis Fringe Festival, running August 18-26, will host The Midnight Company and their new play, THE EVEREST GAME.  While some details are still being kept under some covers, suffice to say THE EVEREST GAME is A TRIP!!!  Through Time.  And to the Toppermost of the Poppermost!  The play, written by Joe Hanrahan and co-directed by Kate McAllister and Hanrahan, has a cast that includes Colleen Backer, Rachel Bailey, Alison Moser, Lex Ronan, Alyssa Ward and Hanrahan.

More information/dates & times of Midnight shows will be available at StLouisFringe.Com.

 For more information on The Midnight Company, visit MidnightCompany.Com.