Five Question Friday

Let’s meet local artist and music director Colin Healy!!


A St. Louis transplant via South Florida, Colin Healy knows the stage in many forms. As a touring singer/songwriter, his work in pop music has been recognized by Billboard, College Music Journal and has received radio play nationwide. Two of his original theatrical compositions have seen production (Anthem, 2009 & 2011, Translation, 2015) with his new musical, The Gringo, currently in workshop. He studied Music Education at Florida International University in Miami and is currently pursuing a degree in Music Composition while working on staff as a music director at COCA (U. City, MO) and East Central College (Union, MO). See his work at

Q: What was your first theatrical experience?

A: Well, in 1st grade I was in a devised show about the dangers of doing drugs, but then I took an eight-year sabbatical to pursue other ventures in my career: wrote a screenplay, played some AA baseball, tried out Scientology– you know, typical things that stars do.

Really though, my first actual experience in theater was playing Pharaoh in Joseph…Dreamcoat in freshman year of high school.

Q: What is the best piece of career advice anyone has ever given you?

A: An old acting coach of mine said to our class, “Whoever says ‘I can’t’ the least gets the most work.” It taught me to be malleable and versatile and to check my ego at the door before diving into any project. Be willing to change your vision to suit your situation. No square pegs in round holes– that’s how to get the best results.

Q: Tell us about a backstage or onstage mishap you lived through.

A: During a high school production of Huck Finn, while myself (as the Duke) and Huck were on stage, one of our flats fell over exposing the tech crew and a frenzied, somewhat half-naked cast. Thankfully, our Huck was a terrific improviser and we proceeded to mock them and generally have a good time for the next five minutes as anachronistic techies in Telex’s ran through 19th century Missouri fixing the set. Definitely a fond memory.

Q: What is your dream role?

A:  George from Sunday in the Park with George. No questions asked.

Q: What is your current TV guilty pleasure?

A: I don’t typically watch TV, but I am a YouTube junkie (is my millennial showing?). I’m kind of a closeted gamer so, I’m a pretty big “let’s play” fan. Particularly, Game Grumps, JWittz, and some other stuff. It’s a good time suck and gets my nostalgia going. I know. I’m ashamed. (Not really though.)


Grace Austin is an STL area educator and director.

See her work at


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