Five Questions Friday

Today we’ll hear from the super talented Kate Spaulding!


Kate is a hair stylist and makeup artist from Alton, IL. She is a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School St. Louis and now works there as the Take Home and Branding Leader. She also works behind the chair at My Time Day Spa in Godfrey, IL. Kate loves working in the theatre world and has had the great pleasure of working in the wig and makeup department at the Muny as well as designing the makeup for the Variety show for the past two years.

Q: What was your first experience in theatre?

A: I was first introduced to theatre when my high school choral director encouraged me to audition. I figure there was no way I would get a part as a new freshmen, but at least I could work with hair and consumes. I was shocked to get a part in Neil Simon’s Rumors. After that, I was hooked.

Q: What is the best piece of career advice anyone has ever given you?

A: So many people in my life are so strong and inspirational. I have learned from some incredible people to work hard, smile a lot, stay positive and never stop learning.

Q: Tell us about a backstage on onstage mishap you lived through.

A: I designed a show in college and, right before curtain, one of the actors decided to draw chest hair on himself with a sharpie. It did not go well and I had to get it removed before he went on

Q: What is your dream role?

A: I would love to have the opportunity to go on tour with a production.

Q: What is your current guilty TV Pleasure?

A: I am currently binge watching Six Feet Under on Amazon.

Thank you Kate- can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous work!!


Grace Austin is an STL area director and educator.

See her work at

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