Five Question Friday

Continuing our look at the talent behind the scenes, today’s 5QF features Philip Hamer, resident photographer at the MUNY!


Phillip Hamer is a local photographer and musician born and raised in St. Louis. He juggles his time between shooting images at the Muny and performing in local band Fresh Heir.


Q: What was your first theatrical experience?

A: One of my first theatre experience was playing a grumpy old father in a opera called Sukey and the Mermaid. It was through a program with Opera Theatre of St. Louis. We got the chance to do a 4 night run at the Opera House.

Q: What is the best career advice anyone has ever given you?

A: The best career advice that’s been given to me was from my mother. She told me put yourself around people you want to be like from a motivational and encouraging standpoint. I found this early on in my boss/best friend Kwofe Coleman. His drive and success as a young black male was very encouraging to me and has played a role in my career here at the Muny.

Q: Tell us about a backstage or onstage mishap you lived through.
A: I’m a singer in a band local band (Fresh Heir). We had a show where in the middle of a song my mic went out. I was fairly new to the band and singing live. I almost panicked my mind went blank for a sec then I realized there were 4 other mics on stage so I grabbed one from a backup vocalist.
Q: What is your dream role?
A: I’m currently living my dream role. I love singing and taking photographs and people pay me to do both. That’s the biggest dream ever.

Q: What is your current guilty TV Pleasure?

A: I have no guilty tv pleasures. I watch very little tv. I’m more of a Netflix Documentary kind of guy. I love learning about the world so I watch docs on other countries. It helps to prepare my mega travel list.

Thanks Phillip! Check out Phillip’s amazing MUNY photos HERE.


Headshot2Grace Austin is a local STL area educator and director. Check out her work at



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