Panel on Race in the Theatre – Thank You!

Race Panel

Special thanks to Sara Rae Womack for the photo!

The Scene Shop would like to express its thanks to everyone who was able to attend last night’s panel on diversity in the theatre. We are humbled at the response. A quick moment to mention some people by name:

Sara Rae Womack, Elizabeth McCormick, and Colin Dowd for helping to run things and live-tweeting the event (check them out be searching for #SceneShopLive!).

The Kranzbergs, The Marcelle Theatre, New Line, and Scott Miller for allowing us the use of their space.

Benjamin Rosemann for running sound.

Jeanitta Perkins, Christina Rios, and Adam Flores for agreeing to this panel.

To all the theatres represented last night: Solid Lines Productions, New Line Theatre, Tesseract Theatre, Theatre Lab, ERA Theatre, R-S Theatrics, Mustard Seed Theatre, and we are sure we’ve missed some.

Last night, Adam mentioned that ally-ship expires at midnight every day. He also mentioned that diversity is a continuum, that we have to keep working at it, there is not magical, silver bullet. We could not be in more agreement with him. Last night’s panel on race is not a one-time thing. We video-recorded last night’s panel and will announce when it is up on YouTube for viewing. Also, next year, around the same time, we are going to reconvene the race panel and continue the discussion.

Nor are we only dealing with race. Our next panel, date and location to-be-decided (but definitely sometime in October) will be on sexuality in the theatre. We will release more information as it is available.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who came out.