The Ghost/Light Project

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Arts For Life Theatre Mask Awards, a ceremony recognizing the achievements of plays in the community theatres around St. Louis. Many talented people and groups were recognized, love for the art and communal experience that is theatre abounded. It was a wonderful evening with fine people, fine drinks, and fine food.

I’m not here to report on the results of the awards (you can find those here), but to bring attention to one award: the Special Achievement Award. This year, AFL recognized the Theatre Project Company. I was struck by the overwhelming respect and gratitude given this company. I had never heard of them (but I haven’t heard of many theatres before I find them…) and didn’t realize the importance of the company until Sue Greenberg and Sam Hack detailed the amazing history of this company.

My interest in bringing TPC up is this: There are many theatre companies that have come and gone in St. Louis. Two that immediately come to mind are Dramatic License and HotCity, both which left us very recently. I want to find all these companies, I want to know the history of them and the shows they produced, the lives they touched. Will you help me recover these bastions of St. Louis theatre history?

That’s why I’m introducing the Ghost/Light Project, a research project that will give a voice to the theatres we’ve lost but whose work still lights our way. I’ll need all the help I can get, so if you know of a theatre, have a story, or know someone I can get in contact with, send an email to

Sean featured sizeSean Michael is a local actor and director as well as founder of The Scene Shop. He has been seen on stages from St. Charles to Grand Center. See what’s next for him on his website.

**DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of THE SCENE SHOP.


2 thoughts on “The Ghost/Light Project

  1. You might also consider talking to the Orange Girls- who has a remarkable but brief run as a company.


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