Weekend Planning

When you sit down to make your weekend plans, what do you think of? Maybe its dinner at a nice restaurant with a few too many glasses wine and the steak, medium rare please, and then tiramisu for dessert. Or perhaps its the latest superhero blockbuster at the movie theatre. A walk in Forest Park or along Main Street in St. Charles? What about a live stage show added in there?


A long weekend even…

That’s right. Live theatre. We at The Scene Shop want to cause a paradigm shift in how we all view theatre. Very often its a big to-do with proper clothing, dinner, drinks, show, drinks, show, drinks, dessert, and did we mention drinks? Believe us, sometimes its nice to indulge that far. Other times, it can be incredibly stressful when really all we need is something we can walk into and get a ticket at that moment. Something like many of the small, professional theatres in St. Louis. Keep an eye on our calendar and our latest “This week in St. Louis theatre…” post and add live theatre to your list of weekend options.


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